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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


As part of Alon Raab's summer class at Portland State University, The Sociology of the Bicycle, I will be leading a bicycle potluck ride on Thursday, August 17th. Since this is a day class, the meetup will be at 2:00pm SHARP from in front of the PSU Library,
951 SW Hall (on the Park Blocks). Bring some food and/or drink to share (preferrably on the veggie side of things), and we'll have a fun ride on a summer day to a picnic spot. The destination of the ride has yet to be determined, but will probably be on the west side of the river.

And for more about this great class, read below! You are more than welcome to sit in on any of the dates listed.

PSU Sociology of the Bicycle class July 24-August 17 M-Th 2:15- 4:35

NH 387, PSU.

For more information please contact Alon K Raab

This class explores social, cultural, literary, and historical aspects of this simple and ingenious invention. We address economics and class, gender, racism, and alternative ways of relating to space, cities, and one's place in the world. Films, stories, and guests are featured. Alon K Raab is a PSU instructor of Judaic Studies, a life-long cyclist who owns no car, and the author of "Under the Sign of the Bicycle."

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