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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mark yer calendars!
South Portland Expedition
coming in Feb '08

Even though it's the shortest month and in the Northwest it's associated with dreary, un-fun weather, February has become one of the most awesome months for BikeFun in the past few years. This year is going to be a hum-dinger, with the Bikes Inside party in Vancouver (B.C.) during the first weekend, the Midnight Mystery Ride, the North American Hand Built Bicycle Show, and Worst Day of the Year Ride all on the second weekend, and Zoobomb sponsored Mini-Bike Winter on the third weekend.

With all the above bike fun, it's time for the Urban Adventure League to do something un-bikey, our first walking adventure in two years.

Join us on Sunday, February 24 for the South Portland Expedition, an urban "hike" exploring the misunderstood and forgotten neighborhood of South Portland. We'll meet at Ira Keller Fountain at SW 3rd and Market at 11am, and from there embark on a 3-plus hour journey. Good walking shoes and raingear reccomended, and snacks are a good idea (but fear not, we'll stop for refueling along the way.)

So mark your calendars! More information will be forthcoming.

Print out a copy of the flyer here. (Note: Requires Adobe Acrobat or equivalent.)

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