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Friday, April 11, 2008

In conjunction with Hostelling International, the Urban Adventure League (that be me, Shawn), along with Ian Stude from the PSU Bicycle Co-op, present:
Saturday May 10th
12:00pm - 2:00pm
Are you a regular bicycle rider but have never taken a bicycle tour? Join us to learn more about Self-Supported Bicycle Touring. We'll be discussing equipment, planning, and cost as well as day-to-day life on the road. We'll also have a few loaded touring bikes to check out. Bring the bicycle you think you would like to tour with, we'll check it out and give you some helpful pointers.
This event will happen at HI-Portland, Hawthorne District, 3031 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
It is FREE, and donations are accepted.

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