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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Springtime is on the way...
and I've made the new calendar for Urban Adventure League events for the upcoming months! Check what I've got going on:

Portland Coffee Tour
Saturday 7 February, 11 am
meet at Hawthorne Hostel, 3031 SE Hawthorne Blvd
probably will take about 3 hrs
bring bus fare ($2.00)
transit: #14/Hawthorne

In conjunction with the Hawthorne Hostel, this will be a series of semi-regular walks (and possible bicycle rides) exploring the unique world of coffee in the Rose City. For the first one, we’ll be hitting up some of our roasteries. Bring cash for those drinks, we encourage those interested in attending to purchase something at least two of the cafes.

Mt. Tabor Meander (An Urban Hike)
Saturday 21 March, 11 am
meet at Seven Virtues Coffeehouse, 5936 NE Glisan St
3 hours
bring bus fare ($2.00)
transit: #19/Glisan, #71/60-122,
MAX red/blue lines

Sure, you’ve been to Mt. Tabor umpteen times. But this hike will explore the Eastside’s highest point (643ft/196 m) from angles that you may have never seen before! We’ll ascend using the lesser known north slope using stairways and secret paths, and meander our way along the top and check out the action on the “back side”. What better way to celebrate the first official day of spring? Bring water, snack, and good footwear.

Bicycle Touring Workshop

Wednesday 8 April, 6:30 pm
Hawthorne Hostel,
3031 SE Hawthorne Blvd
2 hours
transit: #14/Hawthorne

Are you a regular bicycle rider but have never taken a bicycle tour? Are you itching to hit the open road once the weather gets nicer and explore nature in a way you haven’t yet? Are you ready for the challenge of riding 40-100 miles in a day, carrying all you need on your bicycle, and creating a new home night after night? Then join us to learn more about Self-Supported Bicycle Touring. We’ll be discussing equipment, planning and cost as well as day-to-day life on the road. We’ll have a few loaded touring bikes to check out.

Dead Freeways Ride
Sat 11 April, 11 am
meet at Madison Plaza, on the Eastbank Esplanade by the Firehouse and the Hawthorne Bridge
3-4 hours
transit: #4/Division, #6/MLK, #10/Harold, #14/Hawthorne, #33/McLoughlin (Hawthorne Bridge stop, #14 westbound only)

What if...Portland built all the freeways it planned? This ride will either talk about or follow the routes of several highways that never made it off the drawing board, such as the fabled Mt. Hood Freeway, some that did but were later removed, like Harbor Drive, and also as a reference some freeways that currently exist. Approx 12 miles of riding through moderate traffic.

SPECIAL NOTE: I led this ride in June and November 2008, and both were overwhelmingly popular. Consider this one as a “Part 2” to those, as this time I’m staying on the eastside so we can cover some areas we didn’t cover on the previous rides.

Pedal Potluck Picnic
1st, 3rd, and 5th Tuesdays from May
until the 1st Tuesday of September

The PPP returns for its FIFTH season! A casual bicycle ride traversing approx. 3-5 miles with a different route each time. The end destination is a mystery park or park-like setting. The term “park” will be used liberally here, so expect the unexpected! At the endpoint we’ll enjoy a picnic dinner. Eating will be potluck style, so please bring food and drink to share (preferably vegetarian/vegan). Please also try to bring your own silverware, plate, and cup. We will also stop at a grocery store along the way. If it looks like it’ll rain we’ll end up at a COVERED destination.
1st Tuesdays meet at the Hawthorne Hostel,
3031 SE Hawthorne
3rd Tuesdays, Alberta Co-op,
1500 NE Alberta
5th Tuesdays, Food Front, 2375 NW Thurman

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