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Thursday, February 12, 2009

California Dreaming...
Even I get the itch to go south every once in awhile, especially in the winter months.

On February 25th I board a southbound Coast Starlight train to the Bay Area. I'll be around during their fabulous Critical Mass, come by and say hi. I'll also be swinging by Santa Cruz to visit Kelly Peach and Dr. Wasabi.

During the first week of March I'll be in Los Angeles. In case you haven't noticed (or can't believe it), there is a burgeoning bicycle culture in the City of Angels. Critical Mass in various spots, the Midnight Ridazz, community bike shops, the L A Eco Village, and the great CICLE
website that acts as an information dissemination tool for all of the above.

On Saturday March 7th there will be the Los Angeles Bike Summit, a meeting of bicycle activists and others who want to reinvent the Southland in a way that's not so auto-centric. I'll be presenting a workshop on Instigating Bike Fun. Elly Blue of will also be around, talking about cargo bikes in Portland.
But I'll be back in Portland, don't you worry about that! Cali is tantalizing...but not THAT tantalizing. Besides, I already tried my luck at living down there.

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