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Saturday, September 12, 2009

This time to Sauvie Island!
Sunday September 20th
In celebration of the end of summer, the Urban Adventure League is partnering with the Easy Riders to go to Sauvie Island, one of the largest riverine islands in North America! Sauvie island is a unique blend of pastoral farmland and river lowlands, and it's great relief from the city--so close yet so far away. And of course, Sauvie Island has a nude beach! The details: meet at Peninsula Park, N Ainsworth St and Albina Ave Take Trimet (meet at the Gazebo) at 10:00am. We'll leave promptly at 10:30 am. And there's two options: the shorter Easy Riders route out to Krugers Farm (corn maze), 22 miles estimated out and back. Or the longer Urban Adventure route out to Collins Beach (clothing optional, so bring your bathing suit, or GO AU NATUREL) with a possible stop at Cistus Nursery, which will be approximately 50 miles out and back. This route is pretty much flat-flat-flat, with some grades near the bridges (St. Johns and Sauvie Island).


  1. Shawn!! I was perusing an old issue of Ten Foot Rule and remembering you from waaaaay back in my old days of first going to comic cons (SPX 97) and wondering what became of you.

    I'm up in WRJ, VT now and apparently we just missed each other, but I got a TFR Industries sticker from somewhere and never put 2 and 2 together that it was you!!

    How are you doing?!

    -cayetano aka "cat"


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