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Monday, December 21, 2009

And because you probably can't believe it...


Bike Craft Faire (Sat 12/5) was pretty freaking awesome. The space was...spacious, people came in and perused, bought stuff, mingled, talked, etc. I somehow managed to survive the whole day despite a lack of sleep. My only quibbles would be that the day was a bit too long, maybe next year shorten the event by an hour and start at 11am instead of 10. And hopefully next year there will be beer again!

Theater Tour Ride (Sun 12/6). This was the start of the "Cold Snap", so while it was sunny, the temp was pushing 35 (Fahrenheit, mind you) and that wind was howling. So I was lucky to have the 7 people I had. This tour was a LOT different then my past ones, since it concentrated on NE and N, and went by more dead/long gone theaters (Alameda at NE 30th and Alberta, Alberta at NE 18th and Alberta, Walnut Park at MLK and NE Alberta, Colonial at N Albina and Killingsworth, Lombard at N Lombard and Albina, Chaldean at N Denver and Kilpatrick, Crest at N Lombard and Portsmouth), than living (St Johns Pub Theater and St Johns Twin Cinema). But still most everyone persevered, and those who stuck out the ENTIRE 20 miles (Yeeps!) got to cross the dirty Columbia River into Vancouver and saw the inner workings of the crown jewel of the 'Couv, the Kiggins Theater.

Handmade Bazaar (Sat 12/12) was OOH-kay. Lotsa people, not a lot of buying.

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