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Friday, December 25, 2009

(what, more than one post in a week? is this blog showing signs of life?)

To add to all the fun coming up led by yours truly, I'll let you know about an event being led by April "My Better Half" Wiza (see picture):
3:45pm, Meet and eat at 3:45, ride leaves at 4:45

Let's ride our bikes to the first roller derby bout of the year!
The game goes from 5:45 to 10:00, doors open at five. Please buy your ticket ahead of time! Meet at Good Neighbor Pizzeria, 800 NE Dekum. Be there by 3:45 pm if you'd like to eat, we'll leave at 4:45pm to ride to the Expo Center, so we get there in time to get good seats. There's a MAX station there if you want a shortcut home. Lastly, the food and beer options at the Expo Center are few and expensive, so plan ahead!

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