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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mount Tabor Meander: An Urban Hike--Sat Feb 5

Hey friends!

I haven't done a "walk" in a long time, probably since the last time I did this particular event. So this is long overdue!

Mt. Tabor Meander (An Urban Hike)

Sure, you’ve been to Mt. Tabor umpteen times. But this hike will explore the Eastside’s highest point (643ft/196 m) from angles that you may have never seen before! We’ll ascend using the lesser known north slope using stairways and secret paths, and meander our way along the top and check out the action on the “back side”.

Bring water, snack, and good footwear--trails are likely to be a bit muddy! Bring rain gear as well. This walk is NOT A LOOP, but we will end near good public transit.

The details:
Saturday 5 February, 10:30 am
(We'll leave shortly after 11am, so you'll have time for breakfast!)
meet at Seven Virtues Coffeehouse, 5936 NE Glisan St
approx. 3 hours
bring bus fare ($2.05)
bus #19/Glisan, #71/60-122,
MAX red/blue/green lines

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