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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ride Report: Palm Tree Ride 1/16/2011

"Oh, the rain will stop!" I told myself when I woke up. Outside it looked ugly, a steady gray rain. But surprisingly balmy, the famed Pineapple Express had arrived. By the time we were done with our breakfast at the Bi-Partisan at 10:30am, the designated start time, the rain had tapered off, but it scared away most folks, leaving us with a group of 10 hearty souls by the time we departed.

In celebration of the nice weather (57F/14C! The same exact temp as Jacksonville, FL and Houston at the same time!) I eschewed rain gear whilst the rest of the participants resembled a Showers Pass catalog. (Next time we'll ask for sponsorship!) Jenny decided to evoke a raincape and tropics theme instead.

The first stop: a lovely palm 'round the corner at SE 79th and Pine. Then a rapid succession of palms as I led everyone up the north "hump" of Tabor (the hill I mentioned) and then down the north flank into deeper Montavilla. We crossed the great 82nd meridian and ventured east of 205 for some good examples of palms in the Parkrose Heights neighborhood.

We returned to Montavilla a little before 2, where a few of us retired to Roscoes for beer and food before we went home.

Thanks everyone for coming! Hope to see you next year!


  1. Had a great time, my first bike ride beside the Sunday Parkways last summer. I will be on the look out for more rides and keeping an eye out for those palms around town.

  2. Thanks for coming! Hope to see you on another ride!


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