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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Mysteries of the Ancient Bike

During the Raleigh Bike Ride Date last Thursday (Jan 27) we passed through a little known greenspace known as the Pittman Hydro Park. This park is right at the north end of the N Concord Ave overpass over Going St in Overlook. Over the past few years the Portland Water Bureau has been converting unused properties into small parks, and this is one of them. Most of the space at Pittman is pretty "standard" as parks go, though Pittman has some artistic flourishes. Namely, this bike:

It's quite the interesting specimen! It's hard to tell when exactly this bike was made, but I'm wagering to guess "Interwar".

And it's clearly a "Roadster" type of bicycle. Rod brakes, enclosed chain case, all that. But it also appears to be American made, with the name "U.S. Star". I didn't even realize that we had any roadster models during this era!

I tried to search some info on the bike, but "U.S. Star" and "Ueno Works" (or is it "Veno Works"?) came up with nothing. Anyone got more dirt?

All that saddle needs is some Proofide and she'll be as good as new!


  1. "Ueno Works" points to some Japanese connection -- Ueno is a part of Tokyo. That's all I've got!

  2. Yeah, that's the only thing I came up with as well. It's possible, though funny since the bike is a "U.S. Star". However, during the bike boom an American importer rebadged Nishikis and called them "American Eagles". They did that until they got called out for it.


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