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Monday, February 07, 2011

Updates, Schmupdates, plus two bike-ish events on the horizon

Well, the Mount Tabor Meander went well on Saturday.  The weather "held", hovering around 50F/10C with a gray sky.  (No great view of Mt. Hood though). Turnout was small (thanks Alexis for coming!) but we had fun nonetheless.  Hopefully we'll get some photos and one of those fancy Google map things soon!

In other news, I am proud to say that I have been "voted in" as a board member of Cycle Wild!  If you don't know what Cycle Wild is, it is a non-profit organization aimed at reconnecting us city folk with nature by fun bike rides and tours.  Cycle Wild's mission jibes well with the mission of the Urban Adventure League.  I've always had a lot of fun on their rides, so you should definitely check them out.

Speaking of Cycle Wild, we'll be having a brain-storming Get Together this Thursday.  What's it about?  From the listserve:

Cycle Wild will be adding Day Rides this year - rides to natural/park locations that do not involve camping - and we need YOUR help!  If you have some suggestions for locations, or rides, or can volunteer to lead some, please come and provide us some input! 

Thursday February 10
Sizzle Pie (pizza & beer!)
624 E. Burnside 

And more fun bike get togethers are a'brewing! 
The 3rd Friday of the Month is the regular Shift Social, where bicyclists get together over drinks, talk about issues, shoot the shit, etc.  This month I've been tapped as "leader" since it's in my 'hood, Montavilla!  Come early (6:30pm) to take advantage of the Happy Hour specials that happen until 7 pm.  Ample bike parking (on street!) and more choices for food and drink nearby.

Wednesday February 16
Vintage Cocktail Lounge
7907 SE Stark St

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