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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Obsessing over the not-so-important things: Bike Crazy Part 4

A little while ago, I mentioned that the front tire on my Worksman Cycle Truck was developing dry rot, so the tire needed to be replaced.  By itself, that's a simple problem, with a simple remedy: get a new tire.

But my bike obsession has entered new phases, where solutions to problems become more complicated than they should.

I started to think about what kind of tire to get.  Obviously it would need to fit, so I would get one of the same size, 20" x 2.125".  But what about color?  Black is what I got on there, black would be easy.  But no.  I decided to try to get a creme colored tire, since Lovely Bicycle has corrupted me.  Aesthetically, I think the creme would nicely contrast with the black frame, bringing more attention to the wheels.  And then I would have an overall black/creme/brown color scheme to the Cycle Truck.  Of course now this would mean I would also replace the rear tire, so I wouldn't have mismatched tires.

What kind of creme tire?  Schwalbe Fat Franks would be the obvious choice. And indeed they have a 26" x 2.2125" in creme for the rear wheel.  For the front? Nada.  In fact, Schwalbe doesn't have anything in creme in a 20" size.  Well, if not Schwalbe, then who?  I did a lot of searching and the only thing I can find in off-white in a 20" size is a CST Classic Venice. They look nice, but the width is only 1.75", 3/8" of an inch smaller.  I don't know how wise it would be to go with a smaller width tire on the front, especially since it's what's going to hold the load of the Cycle Truck.

Giving up in my personal search, I decided to let Sue from Oregon Bike Shop have a go at it.  All she could find was a BMX tire, and it might be too knobby for my needs.

Is my obsession and concern about aesthetics getting the better of me? Should I capitulate and just get another black front tire? Should I risk it and get a narrower tire? Or do you know of this magical, mythical 20" x 2.125" tire in creme/beige/off-white and care to enlighten me?

Please weigh in through the comments, if you care.


  1. I found the Odyssey LE Path BMX bike tire in white, 20" x 2.10, with some googling. It looks alittle less knobby than the others, at least, based on the black tire pictures which have a head-on view, on the sideview you can see online.


  2. Thank you Esther! That might be the tire that Sue located. Doesn't look that knobby.

    For that you get a SHOUT OUT!

  3. If I were in your shoes, I think I'd keep life simple and just go with the black tires of same width.

    But that's me. I tend to favour utility over aesthetics. Or more accurately, from my perspective, simple utilitarian design is a sort of aesthetic/beauty in and of itself (but not in all cases). But then who's to say whether white or black is more utilitarian or aesthetic?

    And on the other hand, I understand the appeal the white tires offer as a unique and different alternative to the every-day black.

    It's a perplexing decision to be sure.


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