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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weather...Or Not? (ha ha)

Oh Dave Sweeney and your awesome, awesome sweaters!
Last time I checked in with y'all about the weather here, it was last Thursday (February 24).  A winter "storm" was predicted, but all we got was a morning snow.  That snow melted by mid-day.  Then it snowed again, this time about maybe an inch.  It was coming down pretty good when I rode back to my house.  Again, the snow only stuck to grass, roofs, and the like, not sticking to the streets.

In the days since, the weather has remained cold, getting just to a few days above freezing for a daytime high.  So the remaining snow did melt mostly, though patches remained here and there.

Yesterday the forecast called for the possibility of more snow overnight.  I had to go to work early this morning, so rather than wake up to snow and have to figure out what to do, I put my studded tire on the front of the Long Haul Trucker.  I'd be ready to ride if I needed it.

Of course, because I was prepared, nothing happened.  The morning was dry, cold (but not super cold, about 38F/3C), but a stiff wind out of the west.  So the Raleigh was appropriate for the ride in.

The weather is supposed to warm up over the week, so no snow is in the forecast.  I'm glad, because I don't want to think about it anymore!  And part of me is still miffed that the couple of snowfalls we got have been so weak.  (But that doesn't mean I want all the snow they had Back East!)


  1. I agree that no snow is good. I'm delighted to see ours melt, and sort of hoping that since I couldn't ride recently anyway, I dodged that bullet! You folks down south are lucky: we got four inches last week, and then freezing temps. Yucky.

  2. Yeah, we got lucky...this time. Even though we're further south than y'all up Emerald City way, we do have the Columbia River Gorge to our right, er, east, which is a convenient back door for cold air from eastern Oregon/Washington to enter the region. So we can get some nasty ice/snow when you folks, protected more by the Cascades than we are, just get rain.


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