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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

OPB--No, not Oregon Public Broadcasting

Let me take a second to talk about other people's bicycles, since I've been talking about mine oh so much lately.*

The Hostel is a good place to witness and encounter other people's bikes.  During the summer months we have a lot of people bringing their bikes with them, whether just to tool around town or to tour. But winter, not so much. So seeing people bring their bikes is special.

Here's a bike from one of the Hostel's friends, C.C:

She said she found this bike in the trash!  The things people throw away...Anyway, the bike is a 50's off-brand cruiser, the particular brand I forget.  She did a few things to make it rideable, namely replace the wheels because the old ones needed serious overhauling, and the parts could not be found.  She rides this bike everyday to her job in NW, which is quite the distance from where she lives--on a cruiser!  Go, C.C!

And here's a bike that another friend of the Hostel, Matt, went to look at. When he showed me the Craigslist post and asked me whether or not he should get it, I emphatically said "Yes."
It's a 80's Miyata 610.  He's a tall dude, so its 63cm seat tube height may fit him.  He wants to tour this year as well, so the touring specific geometry of the 610 should work. And to top it off, it has generator lighting! A Shimano Nexus hub front wheel!  And the seller wants $280?  At that price, it's a steal!

Here's hoping Matt liked the bike and got it.  I think he'll be happy if he did.

*Though it seems y'all like it when I talk about my Raleigh.  No complaints here!

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