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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bike Camping: Columbia Gorge/Ainsworth State Park, Sat April 30-Sun May 1

Hey, kids!

Just to let you know, our friends over at Cycle Wild* are going to have a fun Overnight Bicycle Camping Expedition** next weekend, Saturday April 30.  And this expedition will be led by me!

We'll be heading out to the sight-packed Columbia River Gorge!  We'll travel down the historic Columbia River Highway and see such spots as Women's Forum/Chanticleer Point, Crown Point/Vista House, Latourell Falls, Wahkeena Falls, Multnomah Falls, and Horsetail Falls!  After the approximately 30 mile ride we'll camp at Ainsworth State Park.  Camping fees should be $5-10 per person.  And we'll return the next day.

We'll meet at the Cleveland Ave MAX Station (east end of the line for the Blue Line) at 9am Saturday April 30th.  Not many food buying options, so you should stock up before. And you are required to bring everything needed: tent/sleeping bag/pad, food, stove, bike tools, etc etc.  

Are you interested?  Feel free to "rsvp" through the comments, though there is absolutely no need to rsvp.  And feel free to direct any questions to me.

*And I am a Board Member of said organization, so does that mean I'm a friend of myself?
**Or if you are a member of "The Cult of Grant", a "s24o".

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