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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Light Hack

After getting dyno lighting on the Raleigh, I can definitely see the appeal.  Besides not having to worry about charging batteries, a dyno lighting system is more theft-resistant* than the typical mount-on-bars battery systems. And about those battery lights: In the past few months, I managed to either get stolen or lose not one, not two, but THREE lights (two front and one rear.) I don't think I've ever lost that many lights in TEN YEARS of bike commuting!

Needless to say, I need to get some new lights.  But I'm planning on getting dyno lighting for the Long Haul Trucker before I take the Big Trip.  So I don't want to get anything fancy in the interim.  So enter...The Light Hack.

I got another Wald "flashlight bracket" and mounted it to the bars.  And I got an inexpensive "water-resistant" flashlight from the local discount outdoor supplier.  It's got LEDs!  It's not the most powerful thing, but in tandem with my much much brighter Princeton Tec helmet light, it'll do for now.

And a Roadmaster "10 Speed" has been locked up in front of the Hawthorne New Seasons over the last few weeks** with this interesting Rear Light Hack:

I find it quite fascinating that even though a Knog light can pretty much mount anywhere on a bike, he or she felt the need to use a special bracket.

*Nothing is theft-proof, per se.


  1. Interesting hack on your bike. So far, my only hack has been a camera mount...

  2. I love innovation almost as much as I like not spending money! Good idea for the front light.
    I'm also not too sure what the person with the knog-rear light is doing except that I lost a knog rear light - maybe he did too? Anyway, the front ones seem to hold well on the handlebars, so never a problem.


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