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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our Itinerary for Leg One: Portland to Vancouver

Hello friends! Just thought I would share our rough route and itinerary on the first leg of our Cross-Con Bicycle Tour. I doubt that I will have future sections stitched out so orderly in advance. But being the first part I have time to do so.

Please note: The map is a rough routing, not the actual route we'll be using, as it would be too time consuming to make an online map at this point. I can tell you that the Bellingham to Vancouver section is going to look different.

The first leg is going to be relatively easy, as this will be the flattest section of the ride until we get east of the Rockies. There will be some hilliness on the islands (Vashon, Whidbey, Fidalgo) and around Chuckanut Mountain, but for the most part this route is amazingly level for the West Coast! We are giving ourselves short, easy days for the most part, plus a day break in Seattle. The goal is to get to Vancouver for the beginning of the Velopalooza Bike Fun Festival!
Because for some reason the map does not want to embed, click here to see it!

And here are the stops:

  1. Thurs May 26 Portland to Paradise Point State Park approx. 25 miles
  2. Fri May 27 to Lewis and Clark State Park approx. 60 miles
  3. Sat May 28 to Tenino approx. 40 miles
  4. Sun May 29: this day is a bit "up in the air" right now. We might stop somewhere around Tacoma, meaning a 40 mile day. Or we can press on to Seattle which would be more like 80 miles
  5. Mon May 30 either 40 miles to Seattle, or if we get here the night before, a Break Day 
  6. Tues May 31 to Whidbey Island (includes one ferry) approx. 40miles 
  7. Wed June 1 to Deception Pass State Park approx 50 miles
  8. Thurs June 2 to Bellingham approx. 35-40 miles
  9. Fri June 3 to Vancouver!approx 50 miles

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