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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Randomized Notes: Pedals Part Two, Weird Bike Murals, and the Holidaze

Hello friends. Weather here in Portland has returned to more of the normal state for December: drizzly, grey, high temp in the 40's F (4-10C). Today the fog never seemed to lift.

Last week I talked about my pedal dilemma. I wanted better, "grippy" platform pedals for the Raleigh Wayfarer. For the time being I put my BMX pedals on the Raleigh, while wondering if the MKS Lambda pedals would be a good fit. The MKS pedals sounded good, but they're about $60 new. Well, it just happened a few days after my fretting I came across a listing for these pedals on Craigslist. And on Tuesday I bought them for the sum of $25.
I need to eat that Larabar at some point.

They look good. I still have to put them on the bike. I'll let y'all know how they work. Hopefully they are griptastic in wet weather.

While wandering through the NW Industrial District on Tuesday I came across this mural on the side of Cyclone Bicycle Supply:

It's pretty cool. Pro-helmet people might raise the whole "Not everyone has a helment on!" argument.* Pro drawing bikes correctly people (that would be me) might raise the issue of the questionable geometry of some of the frames.** But everyone will find the gent in the pink shirt in the middle...interesting:

And the holidays are upon us! Today is the Winter Solstice in the Northernmost Hemisphere. And Christmas is almost here, too. (Plus Hanukkah and Kwanzaa!) Because of the fact that many of us will be busy, the blog posts might slow down a bit in the next week. Don't fret over it please.

*Do not argue about helmets and/or helments in the comments. Please.
**Feel free to argue about questionably drawn bicycle geometry.


  1. Cool! Someone has the Brazilian flag! Well, I would like to point out that, in my experience, It is very hard to ride a bike on a rainbow. But the worst part is when the rainbows are lacking maintenance and signals, so the colors disappear and people don't know how to share the lanes appropriately. I believe this particular rainbow is a two-way one, but the cyclists aren't respecting that. How would a novice feel comfortable riding there?

  2. I've been pushing Tioga Surefoot 8 pedals on my most recent build. They're kind of a tech-ier black version of the Lambdas with removable pins. Once I got used to the width (skinny!) they were great, they don't really compliment a classic bike though. What a deal on those new peds!


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