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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Today's Urban Adventure League Question of the Day (and Pedals, again)

Today's Question of the Day:
Can you break a Surly Long Haul Trucker?

Answer: Yes.

Now before you all get WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR BIKE on the comments, this is NOT my bike. It was the (former) bike of my roommate's brother, who ran his LHT into a parked car at speed. This is the old frame, as Keith swapped out the components and put it on a new LHT frame.

Watch out for parked cars, kids.


And today I put the MKS Lambda pedals on the Raleigh Wayfarer. So far they work fine, but I haven't ridden it enough to really test them. I think they look fine, though I'm still on the fence if they are "aesthetically appropriate." Any strong opinions?


  1. The good thing is that those pedals look odd an any bike, so they are no odder on the Raleigh than they would be anywhere else.

    I used those for a while, and ended up passing them along to a friend. She really likes them, I didn't. I could never find a comfortable spot for my foot on them.

    All kidding aside, I think that if you were to paint them black, they would look great on the Raleigh. As it is, the shiny alloy really stands out.

  2. I feel like they just don't jive with cottered crankset, something with a spindle-body and cage would be more appropriate. But really, if they're comfy, who cares?

  3. These bikes were designed to be workhorses rather than ornaments. If they do the job, they're fine on the bike.

  4. Real shame about the LHT,hope the friend wasn't hurt :)

    Pedals look cool to my eye,and if they're comfy and fit your needs well,who gives a crap whatothers think? I'm a platform holdout,myself...I had Pwergrips a few times over the years,but I'll probably never run clipless (even when I try my first century next year). I like em (your new ones) :)

  5. Thanks for the comments. They're not really that shiny, I think it's just the way the sun caught on it in the last photo. (Since we never see the sun in Portland, we don't know how to take photos in it!)

    Painting it black is an interesting notion, though. Wonder if MKS would think about a black version?

    And man, the bearings are smooooth. I'll be testing the pedals over the weeks and months, so I'll figure out if I like them or not.

  6. I have to give a thumbs down in the looks department. However, everything is not always about looks. If they work for you . . . well, you know.

  7. OMG! You mean the LHT being bomb-proof is an urban myth? I'm gonna be a lot gentler with mine from now on :D

    Seriously though, it is kinda weird seeing a broken LHT.

  8. Damn, didn't realize there'd be so much hate on the pedals. Y'all are going to make Grant Peterson cry! (Since he "designed" those pedals, fyi.)

    BB-Sorry to dispel the myth. I'll wait until after Xmas to tell you the truth about Santa Claus. ;-)

  9. I think they look like vintage wind up toy keys. Wait until next week when it rains to make your judgement.

    Talk to John K from the Couv about his Surly damage. I've got two frames in my garage of which at least one was his, maybe both suffering twisted, cracked and sad-face damage.

  10. Halley- Wind ups? Interesting. Yes, I'm waiting for the rain to pass final judgement. So far they've been working fine with various pairs of shoes. Now only if it will rain.
    Yes, I just said that. In December.

    And I don't want to know what Kangas does to his frames!

  11. yeah I've seen those pedals before, I'll have to say I'm not really a fan looks wise.

  12. I love using those pedals and love the way they look, but they are not griptastic in wet weather. Grant Peterson's solution is to drill in the dimples and put studs in. I think pedals are hard to see when you're riding.

  13. Anon 12/28--Yeah, I was wondering how they'd do in wet. Grant doesn't exactly live in a rainy climate. It's raining today so I'll see how they do. I saw that you can get studs, though it would have just been nice if they were designed that way.


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