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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just another January day in Portland, Oregon (and this post also serves as the "Official Reminder" that the Palm Tree Ride is this Sunday, January 15!)

Sometimes I wish I live in a place that has nice Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, palm trees, and blue skies in January. So I'd love to live in a place like this:

But I'll have to travel far to get there. It might take a while. After all, this place is about a mile from my house. I might even have to use a bike.

Wait, you say, a mile? (For those living under the tyranny of the Metric System, that's about 1.6 kilometres.)
This scene exists in Portland, Oregon? Nonsense! Portland's all about dreary weather and pine trees!

Well, we do have our share of dreary winter days. And we do have pine trees, but you must be thinking of Douglas-fir trees. I know, I know, you come from one of those places where any coniferous tree is a "pine." It's okay. We understand.

But yes, this is not a doctored photo. No Photoshop (or if you live under the tyranny of Linux and other "open-sourced" software, "The GIMP"*) was used. And those are not potted palms, they are very much rooted to the ground. This scene exists at the corner of SE 22nd and Stephens St in Portland, Oregon, USA, zip code 97214. And this is one of the stops of this Sunday's Palm Tree Ride!

If'n you forgot the details:

meet at Coffee Division
3551 SE Division St (intersection of Divison and 35th PLACE) 
11:00am - 3:00pm
get to Coffee Division early if you want coffee/food, we'll roll around 11:30am

It's the EIGHTH ANNUAL installment of the Palm Tree Ride! And this year we're bringing it back to our "routes", er, "roots" as we'll see sights and sites from the first couple rides. Come along for a tour of the multitude of palm trees and other tropical and evergreen vegetation growing in the city. Flat-ish terrain, approx 8 miles total. Plenty of stop and possibility of a refreshment break or two.'s photos from years past:
 Steev Hise 2005
Jonathan Maus/Bikeportland 2007
Brad Reber 2008
Brad Reber 2009

*Hey, I didn't pick that name. You would figure they could have thought of something better.

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