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Saturday, January 14, 2012


Well, the good weather has held out for quite a while here in Portland. Inevitably more correct "Portland winter" weather is returning.

But not typical to Portland is snow for the winter. We get maybe two snowfalls a year, maybe an inch if we're lucky. And the next few days look like there's a good chance for the white stuff to reach the valley floor.

That's all well and good. I enjoy one or two snowfalls a year. Any more than that, I'm reminded of Eastern winters, something I moved away from. So I'm mostly looking forward to this snow.

The operative word is mostly, as tomorrow (Sunday) is my annual Palm Tree Ride. In the seven years I've been doing it I've mostly had decent and dry-ish weather. I only had one year of significant rain. But I've never had to deal with snow on the ride.

I'm taking a wait and see approach. If it is snowing, it will definitely lower the attendance numbers. But it can also be a fun ride, as long as people are appropriately prepared. And I find it quite ironic to ride around observing palm trees while it's snowing!

So for now the ride is still on. If the weather truly sucks Sunday (like a sheet of ice), it ain't happening. But if it's not too bad, we ride!

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  1. Well I hope it doesn't turn too bad then,my friend,hope you get to continue the awesome traditional ride :)

    The Disabled Cyclist


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