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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Flirtations with dry between the wet, plus the Rudge returns! (Briefly.)

We just had the wettest March in over 50 years. April started off with more of the same, as Sunday the 1st was fairly wet, cool, and windy. (While this did suck for the Tweed Ride, at least we were all wearing copious amounts of wool.)

But Monday the 2nd saw a break in this wet cycle. Sunny, high 61F/16C. Nice. It would be a shame to not enjoy it with a little bike ride, especially since the ran returned Tuesday. And what more appropriate mount for a "sunny day" ride than my sunny day bike, my Rudge Sports, the path racer of my fleet. I really wanted to ride it on the Tweed Ride, but the weather was not conducive.

And what better place to ride to on such a nice day than Mt. Tabor? The view of Mt. Hood was spectacular as always, and the view of Portland great.

It was good fun riding the Rudge. I haven't had much of a chance to ride it lately, so it's a treat when I do get the opportunity. The Rudge still needs more work done to it, as it is ridable but the rear wheel is eh, bottom bracket eh, cranks still misaligned, and front brake sketchy. But even with those drawbacks, she's a sweet machine. Even though this is just a stripped down mid-century British three-speed, she feels fast and light.

This of course gets me to thinking. (Or more accurately, obsessing.) What if I got a new set of wheels, something built onto alloy CR18 rims? Not only lighter, but braking power in the rain. Then if I threw some lightweight plastic fenders (or if you will, mudguards) on, I'd have a bike I could ride all year. I would still want to keep this bike "sporty" and not throw on racks and all that. Maybe a larger saddlebag, but that would be it. Of course, all this would cost money, money I don't have. I need to get a new drivetrain on the Long Haul Trucker before summer before I think about new wheels on the Rudge. But think of it I will.

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  1. Glad you got a ride in,Brother,and ALWAYS love pics of the Rudge :)

    The Disabled Cyclist


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