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Monday, July 02, 2012

Internet Odds and Ends: LGRAB and bike videos

Here's a collection of tidbits that I've gathered over the last month or so:

Let's Go Ride A Bike: While in Chicago last October during on Trans-Continental Tour, we stopped by the  monthly "Women Who Bike" brunch hosted by Dottie from LGRAB. (Yes, I know I am not a woman, thank you, but I got a "pass" to be there because of being on tour.) Dottie shot some photos (on film of all things) of the folks who attended. Just recently she found that roll of film and had them developed. You can check them out here.

Path Less Pedaled: Russ came out on Cycle Wild's Milo McIver camping trip in May and made a cool video. (You can spot me at the :15 mark.)

Local News: KGW Channel 8 showed up to Matt's Bike Camping 101 workshop a few weeks ago and filmed it. You can see me blathering in it for a bit. It won't allow me to embed, so here is the link.

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