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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Comic Debut! Plus a July sale! And a CONTEST!

Hello friends!

You may have seen my "bike comic series" that I have posted here sporadically since the winter. It's nice to see all those comics on the warm glow of a computer monitor (or an iPad if you are that way), but wouldn't you rather see them in print, like they deserve to be seen?

Well wait no more! I have just released the first in hopefully a long-running series of bicycle comics!

Introducing the first issue of New Old Stock! This issue collects the comics that you've seen here, but in print! For three American dollars you can have your own copy delivered to you! (Four American dollars if you live outside the US and Canada.)

Now you may be saying to yourself, "Shawn, why would I pay for something I can just look at online for free?" Well, yes, you can very well do that. But by plunking down three (or four) Sacajaweas, you can help support this (not-really-that) starving artist in his artistic endeavors. And if you've enjoyed this website and its content over the last seven years (really, it's been that long!) it's a great way of saying "thank you." (You're welcome!)

But wait! There's more!

I have two more comic collections available! The first one is Paper is a screen you cannot turn off. This one collects various odds-and-ends that were published in various publications (mostly Momentum Magazine) over the past few years. These are available for $2 American dollars ($3 USD for shipping outside the US/Canada).

And the other one is Distance is a long range filter. This features selected comics from my "journal comix" series 2007-9, concentrating on my various travels by train, bicycle, and "other" around the US and Canada. This is going for the special price of $4 USD ($5 USD for shipping outside the US/Canada.)

And throughout the rest of July, you can get all of the above comics for the low price of $7 USD when you purchase them together! Or get New Old Stock #1 with the ever-popular (and revised for this year) Cycle Touring Primer for the low price of $4 USD. (Please note: this bargain only available for folks in the US and Canada.)

All these comics and zines can be purchased over in the Store. You'll also find more great deals during my "Xmas in July" sale. Like:
  • Zinester's Guide To Portland 4th Edition only $2, 5th (newest) Edition only $4
  • Button Five Packs now only $3! 
  • And most importantly, all my posters are $7 each, or get all three for $16, which is a savings of $14 from the full price! Seriously, this is a pretty damn low price for nice screenprinted posters!
So go check it out!

And now, the CONTEST!

The first person who guesses correctly these trivia questions will get a copy of the respective zine mailed to them for free! Email me your answer. You will need to include your mailing address in your email to get it sent to you if you win. No address, no win. You can only win ONE comic, so please answer only one question. Contest ends 11:59PM PDT, Tuesday, July 31st, 2012.

UPDATE 7/10/12: Only New Old Stock and Paper is a Screen is still available. Hint: answers to these questions can be found in my comics.

  • To win a copy of New Old Stock: What is the true communications tool of the Retro-Grouch?
  • To win a copy of Paper is a screen that does not turn off: What year did I go on a bike tour with Vancouver BC's all-female bicycle-inspired dance troupe, the B:C:Clettes?
  • To win a copy of Distance is a long range filter: The title of this comic is a line from a song. Name the band, song, and album, and year album released, in that order. (Note: if for some reason it is found in another song than the one I am thinking of, I don't care, you have to refer to the song I am thinking of.) YOU MUST BE IN THE US OR CANADA FOR THIS ONE, because postage is a bit expensive on this one to send overseas. Someone has won this one.