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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

And what? Another contest?

UPDATE 11/30/12: The contest is over. See below.

Friends, after yesterday's consumerist proselytising, it is time to reward you fine folks with another contest! Aren't y'all lucky? (Yes, you are.)

Anyways, the lucky winner today will get this fine book.

Okay, the cover isn't that exciting, so let's look at the frontspiece.

Yep, it is indeed a book from the early seventies about Motorcycle Camping and Touring. Y'see, I ordered this book from an online book retailer that is not Amazon. Well, really, I ordered Bicycle Camping and Touring, and this is what they sent me. I'm not really into motorcycles, and they don't actually have the book I want in stock, so they gave this to me for free. And since I don't want it, I am going to pass it off to one lucky winner!

It's actually a pretty cool book in that groovy post-hippie sort of way, if you know what I mean. Lots of detail about what kind of motorcycle to buy, troubleshooting on the road, camping gear, and of course, a little bit about the Hells Angels.

Anyway! Now time for THE CONTEST! The first person who answers this correctly gets it.

The question: I like sending postcards to myself while I am on tour because a postcard gives just enough space to convey the feeling of the moment. After expressing that, how did some moron describe a postcard?

The answer, of course, will be provided in an entry from the blog during this year. The answer must be written verbatim. And now THE FINE PRINT:

  • Please include your mailing address with your answer.
  • Contest limited to people CURRENTLY IN THE UNITED STATES, as I'm only shipping this to a US address. Sorry, but this book is too expensive to ship anywhere else,. As it is, the book will be shipped Media Mail, i.e. "the slow boat", which can take up to two weeks to arrive.
  • You can't have won a contest in the last 90 days. (Sorry, Nicholas.)
UPDATE 11/30/12: After three days of the contest, I received NOT ONE RESPONSE. I get the message: none of you readers want it. So, I made the executive decision to send it to someone who I knew would be interested, Mike "Bikamper" Bullis. The answer below.

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