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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Forget Cyber Monday, it's "Telegraph Tuesday" at the Urban Adventure League. (Yes, this post is supposed to encourage you to buy stuff.)

Ready to deliver.
Hello friends! I don't like doing many of these "Check out my store" posts, as they distract from what this blog is about. But it's "that time of the year", I've got some new stuff, and some really good prices on other things. So without further ado, it's the Retro-Grouch sale day known as...

All this for $10

First up, let's talk about zines and comics. I've had the "Comic Three Pack" and "Zine/Comix Two-Fer" up for a bit, but now I've got the "Zine Two Pack" collecting both the Cycle Touring Primer and Bike Fun Primer for $4, 25% off regular price. And you can get all of the current zines and comics with the "Comic/Zine Five Pack" at $10, 33% off regular prices!

And over in buttons, we've got some new buttons and returns of old buttons, all of the ones you see below.
Do you want a button with my face on it? Sure you do.

I've also got a healthy number of buttons on CLEARANCE for 50¢, while these buttons last! And you can still get 5 buttons for only $3, a savings of 40% off of the regular price.

Also of interest, the RANDOM BUTTON ASSORTMENT, TEN PACK! I have accumulated a collection of buttons over the years from various people, places, or things. Most of these buttons are NOT MY DESIGNS, and NOT ALL OF THEM ARE ABOUT BIKES. But you can get these ten buttons for only a buck!

And finally this week only you can get one ALMOST FREE button with any zine, comic, book, or poster purchase! (Would be totally free, but Paypal doesn't allow $0.00 as a valid amount, so $0.01 will have to do.) OFFER EXPIRES 11:59 PM ON MONDAY DECEMBER 3, 2012.

Alright, enough. Please consider supporting this website and myself this holiday season. Head on over to the "Store" to check out these deals.

Thanks everyone for your support!

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