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Saturday, August 03, 2013

FOR SALE: My Rudge Sports Three Speed

Yes, I know. I'm selling my beloved 1953 Rudge Sports. Why?

Well, with the big changes that I've talked about, I simply need to. While owning five bikes may not be that much to those who have a dozen or more in their basement/garage/yard/living room/etc, for me, a man who has to find new digs soon, it's one too many. And yes, the Rudge is indeed a cool bike, the oldest bike that I own. But let's be honest here: It's a tad too small for me, I never ride it nor give it the attention that it deserves. I know, I know: The frame is cooler (and better) than my 70's Raleigh Wayfarer, but the larger frame on the Wayfarer fits me better. I know, I know: How can I part with that cool head badge and chainring? But part I must. So it's now time to find the Rudge a good home.

Here are the pertinent details:
Rudge Sports, estimated to be from 1953 (yep, a 60 year old bike!) 
  • 21" frame
  • 26" x 1 3/8" (aka EA 3, 650A, or more accurately ISO 590) wheels. Generic tires.
  • Sturmey-Archer AW three-speed hub, rare alloy (aluminum) shell, date stamped 1953. Functions smoothly.
  • Rear wheel is original to bike with Endrick/Raleigh-pattern rim. Front wheel came off a 1970's era Raleigh three-speed, has a plain rim but has a hub with oil port. Both rims are steel. Some rust on braking surface of rear rim.
  • 48 tooth chainring with 20 tooth rear cog
  • Bottom bracket has oil port! Recently overhauled as well.
  • Raleigh side pull caliper brakes.
  • More modern quill stem, flipped "North Road" handlebars
  • Comes with 70's era "Union" brand bottle generator and headlamp. If buyer does not want this, reduce price by $20
  • Comes with a brown Brooks B17N (narrow) leather saddle. If buyer does not want this, reduce price by $50. (I'll throw on a generic saddle instead)
The price I'm asking for this bike is $350 or best offer. Local pickup only (if you really want to have it shipped, it'd probably be an extra $150 for shipping and handling.)

If you are interested, please get in touch. Email me via this link.

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  1. So sad when we have to find new homes for our bikes. I just recently sold my '69 Hercules, for many of the same reasons (too tall, didn't get ridden, I have 5 other bikes...). Good luck with the sale!


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