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Monday, November 11, 2013

Coffeeneuring Report, Week 5: A Three Speed Tweedneuring Ride

I have been dutifully completing one Coffeeneuring ride each week since this whole business started in October. And pursuant to Mary's rule, I've been completing each ride on my "weekend". Now I haven't done a ride on an actual weekend, but because I have a non-standard schedule (meaning not Monday through Friday), I can use any of my days off as a "weekend" day per the rules.

But this past week was different. My "weekend" was supposed to be Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I had planned on doing my ride either Thursday or Friday, as Wednesday was an errand day. Then early on Wednesday my boss called me and asked me to work both Thursday and Friday because of some work issues. While this is great from a paycheck perspective, it sucked for Coffeeneuring. And my Wednesday was already too busy to Coffeeneur.* So I asked Mary if she would make an exception in my case so I could complete my ride after work instead on Friday November 8. And she graciously agreed to it, but added the caveat: Make it good.

So how would I "make it good?" I decided to make it slightly more challenging and different by using a three speed. And I would do it while wearing tweed.

Now to those of you who know me well enough (or live vicariously through this blog), you know me riding a three speed while wearing tweed is "standard operating procedure" at the Urban Adventure League. But if you look at many of the photos of the other randonneurs, you'll see a lot of jerseys and bright lime green vests and jackets. So yep, different.

I rode from my work over to the Bipartisan Cafe in Montavilla. There's this hill called Mount Tabor** between my work and Montavilla. Now most people would go around Tabor rather than over it, but not me, even on the Raleigh Wayfarer. Yes, I grunted for a bit as I took one of the steepest ways up, via SE Yamhill, which has grades up to 10%. And yes, there was a little rough stuff, which meant I got off and walked for a little bit. But I love Mount Tabor, and have ridden over it many a time on a three speed. And the view is great, too.

I quickly descended the "mountain" and pulled up to the ample bike parking outside the Bipartisan.

Inside I helped myself to the self-serve Stumptown coffee. Yeah, brewed coffee. Not as fancy as a latte or something (meaning no espresso porn for you, my dear reader), but that's what I like!

3.5 miles total ride. More photos are over here.

*Well, I did do a ride that involved a coffee stop. A long one too, 22 miles out and back to the dentist, and in the pouring rain too. But it was hardly fun.
**It's an extinct volcano!


  1. 3-speed and tweed, a perfect Fall combination!

  2. Looking sharp. Nice to see the Wayfarer still rolling along despite its near brush with the scrap heap.


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