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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Quick Life Update

Hello friends and fiends. It was a busy and eventful October here at Urban Adventure League HQ, with its shares of ups and downs. And November promises to be even busier, and hopefully with more highs and lows. What's happening round these parts?

I regained full-time status at "the hostel". Those of you who read this blog long enough know that I had full-time status there before I left on "The Big Trip" in 2011, but I've only been part time since the return. This is good news for many reasons: I get a guaranteed amount of hours, I get paid vacations, and most importantly, I get both health insurance and dental insurance. This is very good, as my teeth need a lot of work on them, to put it lightly, and if I have any other health issues, I won't have to pay out of pocket like I did when I had shingles last month.*

In the short run, I'm working a lot more than I'm used to (part of this due to covering a bunch of shifts due to a co-worker's sudden resignation). This is good for the piggy bank, but because this month is so full of things I need/want to get done, it means less time for "the other things". Oh well.

Speaking of work, we just went on a retreat out to the Oregon Coast over the weekend. This was my only trip to the actual Pacific Ocean this year, and it was a bit weird to do it not on a bike, but whatever. We visited the town of Newport and stayed in a yurt at South Beach State Park. The highlight was visiting the Yaquina Head lighthouse. More photos of the retreat are over here.

And I'm moving! I've been living temporarily with someone since I left April's apartment in August, so it is nice to move into new and spacious digs. Of course, there's the usual packing and moving crap which I never find fun, and move-in expenses which are significantly more than I expected. But by the end of the month, I'll finally have a place to "call my own" after a few years of not having that luxury. (Well, I am moving in with roommates, but you know what I mean.)

Not too much regarding bicycle adventures for the near future. The weather is turning and I don't feel the desire to camp. I do want to go on some good bike rides, but I haven't had the time. I will soon, though.

Hope all is well with all you fine folk!

*If you live in a country that is not the US, you just don't even know.


  1. Awesome news on both fronts,my friend,I'm happy with you! :D As I haven't been around so much these past few months (with lots having been going on 'round here),I didn't know you had left April's,so I'm doubly glad to hear you gots your own digs again,Brother :)

    The DC

  2. Good for you, sounds like you are moving forward, getting the new adventures moving in the right direction. All the best.


  3. Ouch, I've had the shingles before and that was one of the most painful things I've ever had. Nice to hear you are doing well though!


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