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Friday, November 25, 2011

My Sooper-Dooper Sale is continuing on through December 15!

Welcome to Black Friday! While some people have been camping at Best Buy since Monday, and some are getting ready to protest the whole ridiculous circus of this consumerist event. I'm assuming you, dear reader, are warm at home somewhere, or maybe on a fun bike ride. Myself? Well, I'm working at The Hostel in the morn (while I did indeed quit before the Cross-Con Tour, I do fill in from time to time), and then going to a Bollywood themed party in the pm.

But maybe at some point, whether today or in the near future, you might be thinking of the whole idea of buying gifts for "The Holidays" or just for yourself. Well, if you like bicycle themed stuff (and I'm assuming you do since you read this blorg), maybe you'll consider purchasing some fine items from myself?

Well if you are, you are in luck! I've decided to continue the special Sale prices through Thursday, December 15! What does that mean?
  • Posters for $8 each, postpaid!
  • Postcards and buttons for $1 each!
  • Zines from $1 to $3 each! This includes the Cycle Touring Primer at $2. You'll be paying $3 for that after the 15th.
Please head on over to my Store to see the selection and purchase what you want! (Prices shown reflect the discounted rate.) 

And if you are in the Portland area and rather shop in person than get it through the mail, then please stop by Bike Craft Fair at Sandbox Studios, 420 NE 9th Ave, on Saturday December 3 and Sunday December 4 (11a-6p). Mention the "web special" or "blog special" and get the discounted rates!

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