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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Three Speed Ride Recap!

Brian rocks the rain cape.
Sunday, February 26. Weather forecast, chance of rain and snow (snow?) high 42F/6C. What better day for a Three Speed Ride?

Honestly, I was surprised folks showed up, but showed up they did, eleven people in all. Who rocked the three speeds?

Well, obviously myself. But rather than pull out the Raleigh Wayfarer or the Rudge Sports,* I pulled out a different three speed. Now you're all oh, you must have pulled out the Cycle Truck, right? Nope. Then what did you ride? Easy. The Raleigh Twenty!

When did you get a Twenty? Actually, I didn't. This is my roommate Donna's bike, commonly used by Keith The Raving Bike Fiend when he's in town. Of course it's in immaculate shape.

And obviously April rode her Raleigh Sports as well.

As for other folks, Kirk rode his Raleigh Sports.

Scott rode "his" Raleigh LTD-3. Well technically it's his daughter's, but he pulls it out for rides like this. The LTD-3 is unique as it has regular 26" wheels (559mm) as opposed to the standard 26" x 1 3/8", aka 650A, aka 590mm wheels found on old British three-speeds. The rims are alloy and the hub is a modern Shimano Nexus 3. Yes, purists would call this "sacrilege" but I don't wanna hear it, buddy.

Also representing was this lovely Linus three-speed ridden by Charlie.

And Brian rode his Brompton, along with Carl.

The rest of the throng was filled in by another internal hub bike plus three derailleured bretheren.

We made it just a little over four miles, passing through Kenilworth Park and the Reed College campus but ultimately ending at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. By then the rain (which had picked up) and the cold had started to get to some of the riders, so we scuttled the rest of the ride (I had planned for twelve miles total) and retired to the Open Space Cafe at SE 28th and Holgate for coffee and refreshments.

The route of the ride is here.

Will there be more Three Speed Rides? Of course. Stay tuned for details!

*The Rudge is not ideal for wet rides. And while the Raleigh is remedially rideable right now, with the rear wheel in the shape it's in, I was worried about more spoke breaks and flats on the ride. Riding around town these things don't happen, but when I lead a ride they all happen at once.


  1. Wow, that is a nice showing of three speed. I am jealous of the Raleigh 20 I would like to get one. Look good.

  2. It'd be nice to hear your Raleigh Twenty impressions. I miss mine, although it's nice to know that it's with my dad.

    I imagine that the one you ride would have 406 wheels rather than the 451s the Twenty came with here. Much better range of tyres and factory wheels available for 406 wheels.

    1. Dr. C, I didn't do enough riding to really give a true test, maybe eight miles tops. My main impression was the front end/steering felt especially twitchy. Other than that, it seemed ok.

      Yep, my roommate's Twenty has 406mm wheels.

  3. I like that 20 also! :) I NEEDS me a 3 speeder,an old one...soon (insert evil scientist laughter here,LOL). Sorry you got rained out,my friend,I HATE when that happens.

    Today I rode some trails on the 29"er SS with some old friends from a place I used to live 2 hours from here. Was fun,but I'm out of SS shape,and I think between that and caring for my son over the weekend,I caught his dang headcold :( LOL!

    The Disabled Cyclist


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